TheBigTakeover: "The album is an entirely gratifying experience because Joyful Noise manages to finally shake off the dust of the once tired Christmas album, and reinvent in a new and exciting way."Read more here "Now that Thanksgiving has passed, there’s no excuse not to blast Christmas music to your heart’s content. For your neighbors’ sake, at least keep it to quality audible holiday cheer, thoughRead more here "Joyful Noise is an album that will shatter all conceptions that listeners will have about holiday music. This is the best holiday-themed album that we have happened upon so far this year, and it will maintain its freshness long after the Christmas tree has passed.." Read more here "She has a great voice and her experimentations with it paid off in this passion project . It is worth your time, if the normal X-mas fare doesn’t cut it for you. Would like to hear her voice put to use in her future endeavors, which I hope are just as adventurous. I normally hate X-mas music so for her to sway me is a testament to what she has crafted. " Read more here "With on of the weirdest Christmas albums you will ever hear, Ximena Borges brings you a very avant-garde look at her rendition of holiday classics on her latest album “Joyful Noise.” Read more here