A year ago I composed WannaBe for fantastic choreographer Jessica Taylor/DAMAGEDANCE. We loved the piece so much we decided to make a DanceMusic Video and after six months of planning, filming and editing here it is! For a whole day we walked around Dumbo Brooklyn with a big box in which we enclosed all our movements, laughters, wierdnesses and were gladly joined by many strangers to whom we connected on the most basic fact: We all want to move with freedom and without preconceptions of how "one should move". 

Hope you enjoy it! 

A Jessica Taylor/DAMAGEDANCE Production in association with Ximena Borges

Producer: Jessica Taylor / DAMAGEDANCE

Film Director / Camera / Editor: Ximena Borges

Choreography by: Jessica Taylor

Music by: Ximena Borges

Dancers: Kyle Rostan and Sarah Zielinski